September 7th – Aroma + Therapy


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Cost: $200.00 (Class $80.00 + Cost of Supplies: $120.00 – normally $120-$450 depending on what blends you choose
and includes 10 X 5ml remedies plus carry case). A $50.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your place. Limited places.

Without an aroma or fragrance life would miss something so vital and without it the world would be lonely, isolated and
very difficult to live in. Smell is the hidden, often forgotten and most underestimated of our senses and perhaps the
most important of all. We need smells in order to connect to the earth, to other people and ourselves. Smelling is the
ability to listen through the nose and learn from what we are smelling from the molecules of emotion that transform
common scents into complex integrated experiences.

Without some form of therapy or process, we would not be able to fully understand, reveal or comprehend our human
behavior in order to account for our actions & take responsibility for how we are feeling and what we are creating. The
therapy in this case is not analysis, counselling, psychotherapy, intellectual processing or coaching as these can so easily
become more about analysis than a therapeutic experience. The therapy here is specific to self-awareness and healing.
Aroma + Therapy goes beyond scents and reaches the core of who we are by integrating what we feel with what we
smell, allowing for healing within, through the connection of memory to our past. It combines smell and
emotional/psychological/spiritual interpretation as it relates to essential oils. To smell is one thing, to comprehend the
significance of a specific oil or blend, is another. Without this union, fragrance is something that smells good or will
make your home or body feel good but will not fully heal you. The ability to smell something; to know what you are
smelling; to visualize the plant and then connect this experience internally, will change the way you experience who you
are. This is beyond understanding and is a way of connecting to nature and learning what nature is communicating to us
in the form of consciousness. Aromatic plants, after all, pass through the olfactory gateway, bypassing the mind, putting
us in touch with how we feel in order to heal.

In this program you will have the opportunity to experience complex aromatic formulations personally created by
Master Formulator, Michael Scholes. You will have the opportunity to choose 10 specific blends/remedies from a
collection of 100* handcrafted creations that connect to all aspects of “Your Life Story,” as it relates to your own healing
journey. You will get to see how your life’s journey, purpose and destiny can be re-united through aligning 10 key areas
of your life. These include physical/detoxification, emotional/heart, psychological/mood, masculine/feminine,
relationships/recovery, career/finances, intent/purpose, spiritual/sacred, obstacles/barriers and health/well-being. By
experiencing the individual oils found in the blends, and applying them daily, as though your life depends on it, it is
possible to change your life’s trajectory and heal the wounds of the past and begin a new journey in the present. *
within these 100 blends/remedies are 80 master blends, 20 premium and 20 Signature formulations.

Michael Scholes is a formulator, natural perfumer and healer who is the president of the Virginia based Laboratory of
Flowers. Michael was trained in aromatic medicine and has spent the last 33 years teaching the Art and Science of
Aromatics worldwide. While Michael specializes in all things aromatic his passion is combining aroma + therapy in
exploring the source of a person’s suffering and then creating aromatic based solutions through essential oils,
formulations, remedies & products for the bath, body, skin and hair. Each blend is formulated with the intent to heal the
condition, not just the symptoms, as well as provide aromatic interventions, specifically under stress. This process
involves looking deeply into a person’s psychopathy and designing blends in order to fit receptor sites for healing and
mood enhancement. Michael uses over 600 essential oils that he has collected and promotes through his “Library of


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