Huckleberry Lang is a health and wellness center devoted to finding the root cause of an illness. We believe in treating both body, mind and soul as a whole through nutritional and supplemental treatment with Master Iridologist & Herbalist, Robert Lang.


Huckleberry Lang opened its doors in 2003. Since then, Robert Lang and his team of health professionals have been putting together custom protocols that will improve our most valuable possession, our health.

Huckleberry Lang offers many health services including Iridology, Herbal Consultations, Auricular Therapy and Zyto System Comprehensive Assessments,

This website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. You should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing disease or other physical or mental conditions.


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Over the last several years I have been searching for a way to improve my practice to better serve my clients.  Last fall I attended the Weston Price Conference in Knoxville.  Wondering through the exhibitor hall I came across the Energetic Wellness School of Naturopathy.  What an epiphany!  I was introduced to Dr. Lee Wooley the inventor of the SpectraVision 2.0.  Needless to say after some serious thought I have purchased one of these machines for my clinic.  Briefly the SpectraVision 2.0 technology is designed to eavesdrop on the body’s response using specialized type of biofeedback know as “Non-Cognitive Bionetic Feedback.”  Because everything in life has a vibration, a Digital Pattern Array (DPA) can be created to various DPA signals for substance such as vitamins, minerals, flower essence, herbs etc.  this non-invasive process is comprehensive, painless, and easy.  You will get an accurate picture of the things the body wants but doesn’t have and what it has and doesn’t want.  It can also isolate what you might not be aware of regarding metabolism, elimination of toxins, nutrition and levels of emotional stress.  Determining how the body is working, and identifying where it can be optimized, is extremely valuable in creating a wellness plan for your overall health.  COMING SOON!

IonCleanse – $35.00

Total body detoxification and relaxation foot bath.  A critical step in your wellness protocol.  Diet and exercise are important, without the effective elimination of toxins the results may be limited.  An excellent adjunct to changes in lifestyle and other detoxification procedures helping clients maximize their health.

Muscle Response Testing – $39.00 (1st visit)

$25.00 for follow up appointments

The Muscle Response Testing provides a new and fascinating way of communication and healing through the inseparable energy linking mind, body, and spirit.  Your body has been pre-proogrammed to sustain life.  The practitioner is actually tapping in your body’s “software” by testing a designated muscle. The muscle responds either ‘strong’ or ‘weak’, the brain’s way of saying ‘on’ or ‘off’.


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