Dr. Bob’s Commentary

Historically Used Nutritional Supplements and Herbs.

A brief heads up on the use of supplements and herbs for viruses that are in the news over the last year. 

  •  Remember we are in the middle of winter and you need to be aware of your vitamin D level should be between 50 – 80ng/ml.  Of course, sunshine is your best source of vitamin D, but again we are in winter and not exposed to the sunlight as in summer.  In house, we have D3 2000, D3 5000, K2D3 5000, and K2D3 10000.  It is always best to take with K2 to prevent calcification problems in soft tissue. 
  • Glutathione has benefits that are thinning mucus and lowering inflammation in the lungs and bronchial tubes.  As a sidebar, we carry Clear Lung and Fenugreek (clears the mucus out of the lungs). 
  • Combination of Quercetin (600 – 1200mg. per day) and Zinc (15 – 50mg. per day) has a similar effect to hydroxychloroquine.  But without the side effects.  Quercetin has antiviral properties and helps force Zinc into your cells which slows down viral replication.  You can also use these as a preventative measure.


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