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Strategy of War

Grand Strategy, Part I Whether it is a coincidence or not, it is nevertheless a fact that [our] decreasing moral sense has steadily kept pace with the growth in armament; for as explosives have gone up, morality has gone down. Treaties are now scraps of paper, war aims weathercocks which change with each political breeze; […]

Essential Oils

After searching the world over for a credible essential oil company that sells real honest to goodness medicinal oils I discovered Michael Scholes and his wonderful company “The Laboratory of Flowers”. Plus, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Michael here in my shop when he did a couple of essential oil classes for me here […]

Dr. Bob’s Commentary

Historically Used Nutritional Supplements and Herbs. A brief heads up on the use of supplements and herbs for viruses that are in the news over the last year.   Remember we are in the middle of winter and you need to be aware of your vitamin D level should be between 50 – 80ng/ml.  Of course, […]

Bob’s Corner: Volume One

FROM DR. BOB’S CORNER…. Phone: 256-739-0280       Now that I have decided to get rid of Facebook and most social media.  A blog is what I felt would be most informative for our clients and customers.     For our first blog, we want to inform you how beneficial CBD oil from a […]

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